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  She spun her web around him – entrapping him as he slept. Every night she sipped a bit of him – draining his will to ever resist. Is it love that keeps… Continue reading


*Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   The spider waiting in her den sharpens fangs in anticipation.   ***This haiku appears in my new ebook!  Please see the info below:   🎄🎄🎄Capture your copy of… Continue reading

Without You

Photo by Graham A Stephen (   By myself, I flew. Yet, I never could quite soar being without you.   *Photograph by Graham A Stephen (Click here to visit and follow his… Continue reading

Book Trailer: “Katydid Leaves” by FlyTrapMan

*Brilliant film is under three minutes long and was created by multi-talented monster director, –FlyTrapMan–

Katydid Leaves – A Poetic Journey

*Book cover by –FlyTrapMan– Join us on this spellbinding journey… In a forest, lives a leaf who dreams of being free. One magical night, her wish comes true. Laugh, gasp and cry as… Continue reading

Crow Thief

*Photo by –FlyTrapMan–   The crow stole the bread from the girl’s plate, and she cried, “Give it back!” – He laughed.   Crows are highly intelligent.   *Photo of crow with… Continue reading

The Lion in Me

Photo by Graham A Stephen (   The lion in me roared when you got too close. Your hands out to touch me. I snapped, and you pulled back. It’s okay, you whispered.… Continue reading

50 Word Story – Howling Storm

Photo by Graham A Stephen (   It was storming. The howling outside was unimaginable. Jason shrugged on a jacket. “Don’t go,” his wife begged. “My cigarettes are in the car. I won’t… Continue reading

Autumn Undressed

Leaves strewn on the ground. In our home, clothes on the floor. Bare limbs sprawled like trees.   *Photo by FlyTrapMan (Click here to visit & follow his blog). ❤

Sundown Syndrome

Photo by Graham A Stephen (   She’s sweet at daytime. When the light begins to fade, her demons escape.   *Haiku was inspired by the film, The Visit in which there is… Continue reading