Monster Masquerade (50 Word Story) – Pumpkin Seeds

Vampire Pumpkin-1

50 Word Story – Pumpkin Seeds
(By Poet Rummager)

The vampire pumpkin felt the sun’s heat. The hat, although cool, wasn’t helping.
Soon he’d be mush.

“Cute pumpkin!” A little girl carried him onto a shaded porch.

Grateful, he gave her a few seeds, roasted by the sun. Delighted, the girl scooped up his gifts and snacked quite happily.

*Cool concept title card and vampire pumpkin photo by FlyTrapMan who’s also co-hosting this fun event(Click here to visit and follow his blog!).


  1. What a range woman! We have knives that penetrate the heart and teeth that penetrate the neck all the way to little girls that eat roasted pumpkin seeds as a gift from a thermally sensitive pumpkin. There is no way the story ends there!!!!
    It was a huge mistake as she lifted the pumpkin seeds to her lips that her parents unknowingly did not have the chance to thoroughly inspect. These seeds came from a pumpkin genetically modified from the Monsanto fields. As she consumed the tasty seeds she could feel her DNA combining with the tainted DNA in the seeds. As she turned and looked to the pumpkin the “cool” look changed to a demonic expression. The last words the little girl heard before fainting was, Hi, my name is Heidi. I used to be a little girl just like you!!!!!!

    Sorry, but I knew you would feel better with a Rose style ending 🙂

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    • Haha!! I like what you’ve written waaaaay better than mine. That was great, and I’m jealous! You’re right; I will never go boring again! It’s all this Monster Masquerade stuff compiled with work that almost burned me out, but it was fun, and I’d do it again — with some small changes.

      Thanks, Dr. J, for knowing my writing so well. You’re amazing! ❤

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