Monthly Archive: September, 2015

Mask of Pain

See her mask of pain fashioned with her past lover’s broken promises. *Cool mask made by the lovely Sarah of Vespertine House. ❤


Grounded for so long, she unfurled wings; shaking dust, doubts away and soared.   (Photo by

My Friend

A warming caress I felt on my arm as I slept. Sunshine tickles my lashes – smiling as the light wakes me. The dark seemed so far away. Coffee in my cup –… Continue reading

Rough Love

Stubbles on your chin. Come rub them against my skin. Rough love, yet soft heart.   (Photo from

50 Word Story – Cold Shoulder

She was turned away from him, and he felt her distance. He closed the gap between them, reached out, and caressed her cheek. No response. He felt anger welling up inside. “You wouldn’t… Continue reading

Perpetual Sleep

A daughter was born. No cries. No hugs. Sadness deep. Mom and babe asleep.   *Inspired by the post, Coffin Birth found at The Playground. ❤ (Photo by

I Love Coffee

A cup of coffee – Black like your eye if you don’t give it to me now! *Yummy coffee beans photo by FlyTrapMan. ❤

Concrete Claws

The wolf on concrete looked back at his forest home. How small it was now!   *Spectacular & heartwrenching photo by Francis of Qhapaq ❤

The Moon’s Demise

  The moon tumbled down. Its string snapped by space debris. Stars reached out. Too late.     (Photo by

50 Word Story: The Pizza Man

Jerry, the pizza man, was driving when his car hit something massive. It was dark, and it resembled a very large bird crushed under his car. Officer Jones shook his head. “Yeah, there’s… Continue reading