Monthly Archive: August, 2015

Empty Shell

His soul died at war He’s home, but the perished part Searches for his grave   *Inspired by Oglach’s The Art of War, IV; Godlike (Photo from


Another day of work. It’s a quarter past three. She peers into the mirror. Who is she? Have her eyes always been cold; her expression so blank? She does what she’s told. Is… Continue reading


Ghostly fingers trace My lips as I lay sleeping I wake up thirsty *Photo from New Mexico’s Fresh Eyes Project which is an amazing organization that gives incarcerated youths the opportunity to learn… Continue reading

Trompe de Chasse

He blew the French Horn With lips that kissed me. Superb Two finger placement   *Photo from


Texting him all night, She didn’t know he was in Her bedroom closet   *GIF from

Nuclear Breakfast

  Eggs from Chernobyl Excited to try. Exude Pulsating colors   Thank you, Josh, for the use of your amazing animation! xo, Rose ***Click here to experience MegaEggz’ off the wall animation, art,… Continue reading


We lie side by side Fitting well. There will soon be Some heavy breathing


Came upon a fork On the road so now I can Eat my spaghetti


A punctured heart wound So much internal bleeding Unrequited love


The grumpy gargoyle Sat in the rain, soaked and sad Guarding churches sucks