I Prefer Midnight


I prefer midnight,
dancing in the corner,
in the quiet,
no longer chasing buses
with babies crying while mothers seeking
solitude nap with one eye open.

I prefer midnight,
shunning the glare
of bleached smiles
so blinding, you squint your eyes,
unaware of imperfections
burrowed deep inside.

I prefer midnight
when distractions are few,
senses are heightened,
and you wear night’s cloak
while those with flashlights panning the crepuscule,
curse under their breath in search of you.


*My writings are inspired by the things I find. Please see my About page for the link to my ebay store.


  1. Excellent poem P.R x Love the use of crépuscule. love seeing obscure words to describe things commonly found in poetry 🙂


  2. Thanks Nick! The dark has always played a prominent role in my writings. I’ve seen that it does in yours, as well. I’m gonna try to put your wine glass together to make a toast to midnight inspirations. Cheers!😊


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